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COVID-19: Critical fundraising for businesses hit by the crisis

Pay It Forward

Millions are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis is growing, particularly for businesses such as cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. 

We're here to play our part to tackle the rapidly developing challenges the crisis is causing.

If you have a business you can start to 'Pay It Forward', allowing you to generate advance sales of goods or services to ease immediate cash flow worries.

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Canada calling: is go!

We've brought our team of industry experts and famous ‘Accelerator’ programme across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time

Crowdfunding in Canada

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More than $130 million raised by communities

We've arrived, bringing our team of specialist experts to Canada for the first time. In the UK we've raised more than $130 million for tens of thousands start-ups, social enterprises and community groups. Last year we saw our one millionth supporter to pledge money to a project. Now we want to sprinkle a little bit of that crowdfunding magic to communities across Canada.

Rewards-based crowdfunding fees

Our fees are better than our competitors

Platform Platform fee Payment fee Canada-based?
Crowdfund Canada 3% (crowdfunding) 3% and ¢30
Kickstarter 5% 5% and ¢20
Indiegogo 9% (5% if meet target) 3% + ¢25

Fundraising for charities and personal causes

We don't charge a fee for great causes

Platform Platform fee Payment fee Canada-based?
Crowdfund Canada 0% (fundraising) 3% and ¢30
GoFundMe 0% 2.9% + ¢30
Just Giving 5% 2.9% per pledge

How crowdfunding is making a difference to communities

What they say

Millions of people have made an impact through our platform

Helping turn ideas into reality

We could not have done it without the Crowdfunder team. I mean we literally would have gone out of our minds with panic trying to work it out. The team talked us through it the whole way. We owe them a few pints.

Carl Gosling at The Social, who raised £145,144 ($249,457) to save one of London's most iconic music venues from closure with a little help from Fatboy Slim and the Chemical Brothers, among many others

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Our crowd has raised over $130 million for bright ideas and good causes.