Working together with the crowd to make an impact in Canada

Crowdfund Canada is a place to connect ideas with the crowd and our partners to make great stuff happen

Crowdfund Canada has the extraordinary potential to connect individuals, communities and organisations to improve lives, one project at a time. 

Crowdfunder UK has sparked a digital funding revolution, raising over $130 million through the crowd and unlocking millions more from partners to make great ideas happen.

At the heart of it all is a compelling mix of innovation, engagement and story telling, which opens up new possibilities for our funders.

Now we want to work with you to bring that magic to Canada.

Interested in becoming a partner? 

We believe the government, grant funders and brands have a crucial role to play in the digital funding evolution in Canada.

Simon Deverell, Founder

How the crowd and partners work together

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Target the right projects

At any given time we’re likely to be involved in tens of thousands of crowdfunding projects. It’s highly likely that some of them will match your funding criteria and our technology enables us to connect you with them.

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Amplify your funding

Any project that you support will have already been supported by ‘the Crowd’. Your backing may also unlock other public and private funding to increase the amount of money to make great ideas happen.

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Make an impact

Crowdfund Canada is a natural social network with each project building a highly engaged community around it. The crowd don’t just fund great ideas, but they actively promote them too, ensuring visibility of fund distribution.

What type of partner are you?

Harness the power of crowdfunding with your organisation 

Streamlining public money distribution

Crowdfund Canada can make federal, provincial and municipal funding go further. 

Thousands of people are turning to crowdfunding to tackle local problems with great new ideas. And by raising the money they need they’re proving just how great those solutions are.

We work to provide an efficient, secure and visible way of distributing that extra funding to projects across Canada.

Our technology reduces the strain on shrinking budgets and precious resources, increasing public engagement at the same time.

We make your money go further in uncertain times and tell the amazing story along the way.

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Brands and the power of big ideas

Things are changing, and people are spending more time immersed in the ideas they love and paying less attention to outdated traditional media.

Projects on Crowdfund Canada come in all shapes and sizes and at the heart of them all is a compelling story.

Our platform has the extraordinary potential to bring together individuals, communities and businesses together to improve lives, one project at a time. 

And brands can play a central role, working with the crowd to help make great ideas happen while harnessing the power of Crowdfund Canada to promote their businesses.

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Stretching funds for grant funders

The world of grant funding is changing.

Grant funders are increasingly affected by cuts in the public sector, seeing a rise in competition for their limited funding pots. It’s a challenge, especially for new and innovative organisations which may find traditional grant givers favours the ‘usual suspects’.

Crowdfund Canada connects all types of grant givers through our innovative platform. It levels the playing field, distributing funds to the projects they want to help.

Work together with the crowd to stretch funds and drive awareness to make a real impact in uncertain times within communities across Canada.

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What we give partners

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Dedicated campaign page and digital tools

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Putting you at the heart of the story

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Industry specialists to help start to finish

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Connected storytelling and conversations

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