Can't Buy My Silence

by Khalil in Windsor, Essex County, Canada


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End the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements to buy the silence of victims of discrimination, harassment, bullying and other misconduct.

by Khalil in Windsor, Essex County, Canada

November 2021 Update:

Our voices are being heard! We are making a difference in our country!

Prince Edward Island has just become the first province to limit the use of non-Disclosure agreements (NDAs) to silence victims of harassment and discrimination, and not just in the workplace. PEI Legislative Assembly unanimously passed the bill in its 3rd reading November 17th, 2021. It will become law in 6 months. Congratulations PEI.

 Now on to Manitoba, where Liberal Opposition plan to bring forward a similar Bill shortly.

 Please help us spread this movement across Canada! We need help with all the expenses of running this campaign across the country, where we are presently relying on an incredibly hardworking team of volunteers. Every contribution helps us to put the campaign on a more secure footing.  

End the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements to buy the silence of victims of discrimination, harassment, bullying and other misconduct by individuals and corporations.

Join our campaign to end the use of NDA’s to buy victims silence. Non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) have become the default solution for organisations, corporations, individuals and public bodies to settle cases of sexual misconduct, racism, pregnancy discrimination and other human rights violations.

These agreements made in legal settlement negotiations are being used to cover up abuse, and in some cases criminal acts.

Law professor and whistleblower Dr. Julie Macfarlane and Weinstein whistleblower Zelda Perkins have joined forces to stop the expanding misuse of NDA’s by demanding new legislation and regulation that stops “gag orders” from being used to settle these cases.

NDAs allow a person who has behaved abusively and possibly criminally to stay put or move with impunity to another workplace. They gag victims permanently, preventing them reporting, speaking to family & friends about their own experiences, or warning others about the perpetrator. NDAs benefit the employer’s reputation and the career of the perpetrator, not the victim who can be protected by a simple confidentiality clause

NDAs are unnecessary for protecting victim identity, catastrophically damaging to innocent parties, and immoral.

The goal of our campaign is legislative and regulatory change that will make NDAs unenforceable for anything other than their original purpose – the protection of confidential business information (“intellectual property”) and trade secrets. Not the protection of bullies and harassers.

We need your support to:

· raise public awareness
· lobbying government to change the law
· get regulators to change the rules
· manage a safe space online for victims of bullying, harassment and worse to tell their story.

Please help us fund this work by supporting this Crowdfunder, signing the petition and spreading the word!


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