Join Hands for Hope - Help people help themselves

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Project by Petra W.

Join Hands for Hope - Help people help themselves

Join Hands for Hope - Help people help themselves

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Project by Petra W.


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Let's join Hands to help people with vision help themselves. Thus we bring Hope to North Africa - one person at a time.

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  • I am living here, interacting with people who are at times in dismal situations, due to lack if opportunity. My vision is to create a farm and other work opportunity and help youth develop their vision for the future through the dignity of work and providing for themselves.  I have taken out a bank credit on my personal line of credit to get the process started. I am using my personal monthly living allowance to pay-off the credit in time.  Any funds raised here will directly go towards paying off that credit as well. The sooner the credit gets paid off, the sooner we can expand similar programs in other regions, Lord willing. One step at a time.

I am back in North Africa, living out God's love through word and  deed.

Recently I came across these speakers. Both of them articulate my observation and call to action very well.

That is exactly what  we see and hear about here on a daily basis. We cannot help everyone,  but there are even members of my local family, people who have become very close to my heart, whose names I know, whose stories I am familiar with,  who live in a catastrophic situation.

Zohar, the ~ 55 year old mother, her asthmatic older husband, and their two adult children live together in a little room, 2.5 m x 2.5 m. There previous small home has collapsed last year under heavy rains and mudslides.

Sabrina, the adult daughter, who has several degrees, but cannot find work. She would like to get married, but has rejected even an engagement proposal for now, because she has given up hope and does not have any perspective for the future. Also, her future husband would not have anything to offer her himself 

Hamza, the adult son, who used to work previously in the tourism industry, hasn't received any income for quite a time now. Him seeing his parents suffer, his sister suffer, not only in physical needs, but also in human dignity, makes him feel like a failure. Void of all other perspectives, a thought which he would never have considered before, crosses his mind. He seriously considers now to make the perilous journey to Europe by rubber dingy. ...

You and I both know, that is not the answer.

Why am I telling you this? - 

 I thought about a possible solution. 

After seeking higher guidance and evaluating the dismal situation, an extended family member's and my vision is to purchase farmland, to invite this family as well as another one, to work the land, thus earn their daily bread, have human dignity restored for participating in honest work and also have perspective for their future. 



They then see Hope rising, they can even send their children to school, as they see God working in their lives.

But we can't do it by ourselves. We would need additional partners.. 

Would you and others in your circle of influence join Hands with us and help people with vision help themselves?

Would you alongside us,  bring Hope to North Africa - one person at a time?

Together we can do it  ... 

one person, one family, one community at a time!

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