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North Africa: As grassroot endeavors creating livelihood projects/work for hope and vision for the future; positivity for life

New stretch target

  • I am living here, interacting with people who are at times in dismal situations, due to lack if opportunity. Our vision is to create a farm and other work opportunity and help youth develop their vision for the future through the dignity of work and providing for themselves.  I have taken out a bank credit on my personal line of credit to get the process started. I am using my personal monthly living allowance to pay-off the credit in time.  Any funds raised here will directly go towards paying off that credit as well. The sooner the credit gets paid off, the sooner we can expand similar programs in other regions. You are invited to join us. Will you?

We Joined Hands for Hope -

Help us empower this

community in Tunisia by 

providing them with their 

own business buy sheep, 

cows, and chicken to grow 

and sell.


Helping People Help 


Will you join as well?

What are we fundraising


The funds are used to create:

  • more farms for sheep
  • farms for cows
  • other agricultural work
  • small chicken farm


How will these funds help  

the community?

Benefits to our community:

  • Creating more livelihood

projects/jobs means

  •     more income for families and communities
  •     now there is a chance for 

        families to send their

       children to school

  •     now Hope is rising -

        Positivity is filling the lives of people


Service to others is the rent 

you pay for your room here on 

earth. - Muhammed Ali



Look at the impact and ripple

effect it makes, when we Join

Hands for Hope - Helping

People help themselves!


2018 -  It  started with a few lambs, but a BIG Vision ! 


Vision to Aim are to create

employment for young


and help youth develop their

vision for the future through

the dignity of work and 

providing for them selves. 


What did we do?

We gave seed money to family's grass root endeavor.

We keep cows and calves in places like this.

It still needs  fixing up yet, but we

have big dreams and

determination. By Joining

Hands and with hard work

and God's help, it is possible!

Lord willing!

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