Project Hope

by Dr Rochagné Kilian in Shallow Lake, Grey County, Canada

We did it
On 4th February 2022 we successfully raised $4,800 with 47 supporters in 55 days

Operation Hope is an initiative to establish an Integrative Lifestyle Medical Facility for disenfranchised patients in Grey County, Ontario.

by Dr Rochagné Kilian in Shallow Lake, Grey County, Canada

In early 2020, the world changed from the world we knew to the world we are currently living in. 

A pandemic was proclaimed. 

A pandemic that shone a light on healthcare and all its inadequacies. 

But as a result of this pandemic, we have been granted 20/20 vision. 

This inoculation of the art of healing occurred in 1910 under the guise of the Flexner report and its detrimental aftermath. 

This was the start of the most lucrative business in our human history and it occurred through the rebranding of Sick-care as Healthcare. 

My name is Dr Rochagné Kilian and on the 23rd of August 2021, my life drastically changed. 

On this date, I decided to step away from a very successful and fulfilling career as a full-time Emergency Physician when I resigned from my position at GBHS, Ontario. 

For 4 years, I served my community in Acute Care, in Trauma Care. 

But a big part of my job was also managing the fall-out of misdiagnosed and mismanaged chronic disease. 

And through this process, I realized I could remain a cog in the ever-turning wheel of a very lucrative “returning-client” business model, or I can start educating myself on how to advise, educate and treat patients to reach a point of health and wellness, not merely a symptom-free existence. 

And this is what lead me to my mission. The mission of changing the future of healthcare. 

And I want to invite you along on this mission. 

An initiative to help us establish a facility that will serve as the model of healthcare and what it could look like. 

A facility that will focus on Preventative medicine, Lifestyle medicine. 

A facility where the patient is the client, and the client’s voice remains the most important. 

A facility that is based on ethical, patient-centred care where practitioners can offer guidance on how to make lifestyle changes in order to reach longevity. 

We wish to raise enough capital to procure a facility without government support, without financial institution subsidies. 

A grassroots initiative that was brought to fruition without debt.

How will this model of healthcare be sustainable? 

By a membership structure that is based on monthly membership fees grant a patient access to actual healthcare as it should have been. 

We will start small, but we will grow and we will expand to other communities until this is the model of healthcare in every community. 

You have the ability to be a part of something bigger than takes back the power - the power of your own health.

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