Project Hope

by Dr Rochagné Kilian in Shallow Lake, Grey County, Canada

We did it
On 4th February 2022 we successfully raised $4,800 with 47 supporters in 55 days

Operation Hope is an initiative to establish an Integrative Lifestyle Medical Facility for disenfranchised patients in Grey County, Ontario.

by Dr Rochagné Kilian in Shallow Lake, Grey County, Canada

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Donna McQueston 2nd January 2022

Love what you are doing. I am honoured to be included in this project and will help in any way I can. I have been waiting for this for so long. Thank you

Robin Montgomery 31st December 2021

Congratulations of such a great venture. It is very much in line with my way of thinking for the direction of medicine. Many blessings, and I look forward to seeing where this project goes and possible involvement

Alan Church 26th December 2021

Thank you Dr. Kilian and also to your husband, for speaking out and standing out from the crowd. We need a better health care system with a focus on keeping people healthy and out of the hospitals where possible.

Carolyn McMannis 22nd December 2021

Thank you for starting this idea, I have faith that it will work because we need it to work. As a healthcare worker now on unpaid LOA, I don't know that I would want to go back to a corrupt system even if given the chance.

Cindy Jonescu 15th December 2021

Absolutely love this idea of putting the patient first and focusing on wellness! I hope many like minded allopathic and holistic providers will sign up to be a part of this new beginning. Thank you for your integrity, courage and resilience Dr Kilian.

Debbie Page 14th December 2021

A parallel system offering ethical, integrative medicine, free from the confines and dictates of government and the pharmaceutical industry. Bravo!

Alison Magor 14th December 2021

A facility such as this would assure that the best interests of patients is what is important. It would not be influenced by the agenda of the government. Keep politics out of healthcare.

Erika McArthur 14th December 2021

this is absolutely brilliant and long past overdue. we support you and this initiative with extreme hope. this is the light we need to emerge from this great darkness. sadly ontario seems to be deep in the thick of it. we need another on in muskoka too. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COURAGE. so much love.

Gina D'Addamio 14th December 2021

As an L&D RN with 16 years work of perinatal experience I’m really hoping to help with this initiative in somewhere because I believe the current system is broken and a new dawn is needed

Dr Rochagné Kilian 13th December 2021

Thank you to every individual who is contributing to our initiative. Because of you, we are one step closer to establishing our Integrative Lifestyle Medical Facility.

Strong and Free Canada 13th December 2021

Our government has mismanaged our health care system to a criminal degree. Canadians are now in desperate need of a parallel system that will respect Canadians rights while providing access to professional health care. Please support this project and others across Canada that are striving to bring quality medical care to patients.

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