by Violetta and Matthew in Toronto, Toronto, Canada

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On 20th April 2022 we successfully raised $7,381 with 66 supporters in 21 days

We are delivering Tactical Medical Supplies to the front lines so that soldiers and civilians can make it to a hospital or safety - alive.

by Violetta and Matthew in Toronto, Toronto, Canada

I am a Ukrainian-Canadian, born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine.  I have family in 5 districts of Ukraine. They are in bomb shelters; they are refugees now, and they are on the front lines.

So far we have been sending out $800 packages to the military bases that are low in emergency stock such as tourniquets, gauze, chest seals, burn dressing, etc. Soldiers administer this First Aid to themselves, civilians and humanitarian volunteers. With donations continuing to come in, my partner Matthew, and I, decided to personally fly to Ukraine to deliver Medical Emergency Materials to soldiers and civilians back home when our new fundraising goal of 20K is reached. 

NOTE: THE MONEY RAISED IS ONLY SPENT ON MEDICAL SUPPLIES, NOT ON OUR PERSONAL TRIP. The reason we wanted to deliver the supplies ourselves is because as a humanitarian worker, you can take up to 10 bags across the border each. If we buy 10K worth of tourniquets, for example, it is actually cheaper for us to fly bags of it down there ourselves than to spend on shipping, duty costs and waiting another week at least for it to get there for distribution. 

In 2014, during the invasion of Crimea, many Ukrainian soldiers and civilians died of bleeding out (hemorrhaging) from not having any Tactical Medical Emergency Material on hand to clot the blood and give themselves enough time to get to safety or a hospital. With a growing portion of civilians becoming soldiers and volunteering for humanitarian reasons in war zones, there is a growing need in Military Grade First Aid Supplies. There is absolutely not enough Tactical Medical Emergency material for every soldier and civilian to carry on them. Soldiers are trained to administer first aid to themselves if they are wounded and they are the first responders to civilians who are affected by bombing, shelling and gun fire. Without this aid, their chances of dying are almost certain. With a severed femoral artery, for example, a person bleeds to death in 7 minutes. This medical supplies gives them a 70% chance of survival. 

Tactical medical emergency material is very expensive.  With your donation, you are literally helping to save a life.  We want to make sure that as many wounded people as possible have a chance for survival.

Your donations are contributing to the following Tactical Medical Emergency Material:

$50.00 - SOF & SAT Tactical Tourniquet Military - Used for blast injuries caused by bombing and shelling where damage to the extremities causes massive bleeding.  A severed femoral artery for example will cause a person to bleed to death in 7 minutes. Tourniquets used by US soldiers in the war in Afghanistan saved 2,000 extra lives.

$25.00 - Quick Clot EMS Rolled Gauze - Used for wounds to the neck, growing, abdomen, face and jaw. This supply alone prevents death from hemorrhaging by 70-80%. Quick Clot is a fabric bandage impregnated with kaolin which is a powered clay that stimulates blood clotting.

$10.00 - Asherman Chest Seal - Used for open pneumothorax wounds (sucking chest wounds).  There are NOT ENOUGH combat military vests for civilians and volunteers, making chest seals increasingly important.

$10.50 - Israeli Emergency Bandage - Used for combat for staunching the blood flow from traumatic hemorrhage wounds in prehospital emergency situations.

$300.00 - Tactical IFAK Kit - Emergency medical kit that includes – Chest Seal, CAT Tourniquet, Tactical gloves, Israeli Emergency Bandage, Burn Dressing, Gauze, Nasopharyngeal Tubes, Trauma Shears, Survival Blanket, Quick Stop Blood Spray, Wash Solution, Iodine Pads, Alcohol Pads.

We have been flying all the tactical medical emergency material, thus far, with Polish Airlines through SecondFrontUkraine or MEEST to Warsaw, Poland.  From there, military personnel in direct communication with the military bases in Ukraine will dispatch these supplies for immediate use.

To provide full transparency with what we send and to make sure everything is delivered and received, we will be documenting the entire process from beginning to end. For up-to-date details and direct correspondence please check in at @theviolettapioro on Instagram.

This campaign is about saving lives. Its about providing an important life line to all the people being directly affected by the destruction, tragedy and criminal injustice of this war. Your contribution is the difference between life and death for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

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