TASTE THE LOVE 2021: Parkdale Food Centre Campaign

by Wellington West BIA - Fundraising Campaign in Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada


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Again this fall local merchants of Wellington West BIA are raising funds for Parkdale Food Centre! Buy a button! Win prizes! TASTE the Love!

by Wellington West BIA - Fundraising Campaign in Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada


All proceeds to Parkdale Food Centre!

It's been a hard couple of years for all of us. But just as we do every fall during our TASTE of Wellington West festival, the merchants of Wellington West want to show our gratitude and love to all of our neighbours who helped us through, and to raise funds to support the amazing, big-hearted team at the "PFC"!  

So please help us out! Choose a donation level, pick one of the growing list of great  rewards, and then... 


Wear your "TASTE the Love" button with pride!

Every donation qualifies you to receive at least one of these awesome "TASTE the Love" buttons. Wear it around the neighbourhood to show your support for local merchants and Parkdale Food Centre. Then watch our social media for special offers, discounts, and perks that are only available to those wearing the button!  


Earn bigger rewards 

Five Weekly prize draws starting September 27!

Every week, we'll be making at least one draw to give out a $50 Gift card to the BIA Merchant of your choice! And every donation to this campaign will qualify you for at least one entry into the draw - with many reward options giving you multiple chances! And we'll be adding extra draws through the rest of September and October, so donate now to get as many chances as possible to earn extra rewards!

Why this matters

A note from PFC Director Karen Secord

At the Parkdale Food Centre, connected Neighbours and neighbourhoods is at the heart of our work. Challenging poverty and food insecurity through the power of good food and community cannot and should not be solely left to food banking. It takes a village and we know there is no village like our own. 

The small businesses, restaurants, entrepreneurs and Neighbours of the Wellington West community truly are like no other, we could not do the work we do without them. They support us, they share with us and they contribute to a richly diverse, equitable and interesting neighbourhood, one we are grateful to be a part of. We sure hope you are too. 

A great big thank you to the businesses of the Wellington West BIA, you make this community the special part of Ottawa that it is!

Lots of love,
Karen Secord
Executive Director, Parkdale Food Centre

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