5 types of content to promote your project

by Jasmine Ward | Feb 18, 2020 | Learn

5 types of content to promote your project

You don’t need to be a marketing genius to crowdfund, but you do need to think about how you’re going to promote your crowdfunding project and reach more people. 

Why? Because it will increase potential donations!

So, first thing’s first. In order to successfully crowdfund, you need people to support and pledge on your project. Seems simple, right? In some ways yes, but you need to have a plan in place for how you’re going to reach those people. If you don’t tell them what you’re doing, then how are they supposed to know?

You need to be prepared to shout from the rooftops about your fundraising campaign! The way to do this and reach more people whilst keeping them engaged is through a rich variety of content.

Through content, you can build momentum and that all important buzz around what you’re doing, as well as tap into the people beyond your immediate network. Of course, word of mouth is always a good avenue to maximise, but there’s extra things that you can be doing and sharing along the way to lay your own path to success.

If you’re not sure where to begin, then use these five suggestions below to get started. Remember, crowdfunding is all about community and collaboration. If you’re not sure how to do something, then ask someone who does.

1. Social media posts

According to Facebook, there are 19 million Facebook users in Canada, making it the most popular platform in the country. 

Though, there are multiple ways to utilise social media to get your crowdfunding campaign in front of as many people as possible. In fact, there are 25.3 million social network users in Canada alone.

After years of being experts in the UK’s crowdfunding field, we’ve learnt that Facebook works for most. Though, if you’ve got lots of good quality imagery, then give Instagram a go and if you have lots of connections on Twitter, then this may also be a great place to start.

For some people, you’ll be starting from square one. In this case, I would say that it’s better to focus your attention on one channel to begin with rather than being a master of none, so don’t give yourself too much new ground to tread. Also keep in mind that it’s good practice to begin this process before you launch your crowdfunding project so that you have a crowd to work with when you’re live.

Writing and planning social media posts is the quickest form of content that you can use to promote your crowdfunding project because it’s generally snappy one-liners which have the huge potential of reaching a massive audience. 

If you’re not too sure about what kind of thing to write, then have a think about how you engage with content on a daily basis on various social media channels and then try this out with your own messaging.

2. Blog posts

If you’re new to the world of blogging, then don’t be alarmed. By definition, a blog is a regularly updated web page that is written in an informal style. Therefore, this kind of writing can take the pressure off because it’s intended to be conversational. 

One of the things I really love about written content is the collaborative aspect! 

I would encourage anyone thinking about crowdfunding to contact other bloggers to see if they would like to write something about your fundraising project. Having someone else show their network that they support what you’re doing is a great way to secure more donations and get people talking. 

Try and find bloggers who are writing about the sector that you’re crowdfunding in such as charity, community, environment etc. One of the questions that we get asked regularly at Crowdfunder UK is how to tap into other people’s networks and I would say that collaboration is the key.

And remember when I mentioned using a rich variety of content? Share that blog on your social media channels. 

3. Email/Newsletter

Content comes in all shapes and sizes. Some content has the potential to reach a bigger audience, whereas other content is much more focussed on the people who are already in your world. 

If you’re thinking about crowdfunding in the near future, then start building a database of email addresses so that you can reach out to your crowd and let them know that you are going to be launching. 

Do make sure that you are meeting GDPR requirements.

Need some inspiration? Sign up to a couple of newsletters from organisations that you love to see how they’re doing things and definitely pay attention to the emails that hit your inbox. 

4. Press

One of the key ingredients to launching a successful crowdfunding project is to make sure that the noise you’re making about your project is having an impact on your audience. 

Therefore, the more content that you can get other people to write about you, the better! When people work together, the potential reach that you can have is far greater.

Getting in touch with local newspapers and radio stations can feel daunting but, more often than not, they are looking for the juiciest stories to talk about. If anything, you will be saving them the time and effort of coming to find you!

5. Podcast/Interviews

Do you listen to a podcast that really resonates with the aim of your crowdfunding project? Got a friend that works at a local radio station? Reach out and see if you can secure a spot to talk about your crowdfunding project. The worst thing that could possibly happen is that they say no. And the best result? You’ll be live and talking all about your crowdfunding adventure, with the opportunity to get into the details of why you do what you do.

Remember – Crowdfunding is your opportunity to shape your idea and make it happen so be bold, be creative and most importantly, have fun!

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